A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink

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Control your stepper motor with ease using the A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink. This high-performance module boasts reliable protection features, user-friendly design, and energy-efficient output. Order now for superior motor control!

Powerful and Reliable A4988 Stepper Motor Driver

Reliable Performance and Protection

Superior Motor Control and Safety Features

The A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink is the perfect solution for those seeking reliable and efficient motor control. With advanced features such as intelligent current control, thermal shutdown, and over-current protection, this module ensures safe and stable operation of your stepper motor. The heatsink further enhances the protection by efficiently dissipating heat, allowing for extended operation periods without overheating. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this module is guaranteed to provide consistent and dependable motor control, while keeping your equipment safe.

Versatile Compatibility and Ease of Use

Universal Compatibility and User-Friendly Design

The A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink boasts a user-friendly design that allows for easy setup and operation, regardless of your technical background. It is compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi, making it versatile enough to fit into any project. The module supports a range of micro-stepping modes, which allows for precise control over motor movement. Additionally, it comes with a simple interface that enables you to adjust motor current, direction, and step size, ensuring effortless control over your stepper motor.

High-Performance Output and Energy Efficiency

High-Power Output and Low Energy Consumption

The A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink delivers high-power output while consuming minimal energy, making it an energy-efficient option for motor control. Its advanced current control technology enables it to deliver up to 2A per coil, resulting in smooth and accurate motor movement. With its low-resistance MOSFETs, the module maximizes the efficiency of the motor, minimizing power loss and reducing energy consumption. Whether you're powering a large CNC machine or a small robotic arm, the A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink provides a powerful and efficient solution.


· Low RDS (On) Output
· Automatic current decay mode detection / selection
· Mix with slow current decay modes
· Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
· Internal UVLO
· Cross-current protection
· 3.3 and 5 V compatible logic supply
· Thermal shutdown circuitry
· Ground fault protection
· Load short-circuit protection
· Optional step five modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16
· Size: 20mm(L) * 15mm(W)

 Package Included:

- 1pc x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver CNC 3D StepStick
- 1pc x Heatsink





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