High Power LED - 10W

High Power LED - 10W - ePartners
High Power LED - 10W
High Power LED - 10W
High Power LED - 10W - ePartners
High Power LED - 10W - ePartners
High Power LED - 10W - ePartners
High Power LED - 10W - ePartners
High Power LED - 10W - ePartners

High Power LED - 10W

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High Power LED - 10W: Illuminate Your Projects with Versatility


Introducing our High Power LED - 10W with Colour Variants, a versatile lighting solution designed to meet the demands of various applications. Whether you're working on a DIY Arduino project or setting up a commercial lighting system, this LED offers unparalleled performance and flexibility.

High Power 10W LED - Vibrant Lighting

Brighten Your World with 10W LED

- Illuminate your space with this high-power LED light that provides bright and vibrant lighting.

- Perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential settings, this LED light is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan.

- Its powerful 10W output ensures that you get bright, crisp lighting for all your lighting needs.

Versatile and Durable LED Light

- This 10W LED light is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including lighting, signaling, and indication.

- Its durable construction and heat-resistant design make it ideal for use in tough environments.

- This LED light is easy to install and can be used in a variety of settings including outdoor and indoor areas.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient LED Light

- This 10W LED light is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting sources.

- It consumes less power and produces less heat, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

- Its long lifespan means that it requires less frequent replacement, reducing waste and saving you money.


  • High Luminous Efficiency: With a 10W power rating, this LED provides a bright and consistent light output.
  • Colour Variants: Available in multiple colours, including red, white, green, blue, and white, yellow and warm white to suit your specific needs.
  • Long-Lasting: Built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and a long lifespan.
  • Energy-Efficient: Consumes less power compared to traditional lighting solutions, reducing your energy bills.


  • DIY Electronics Projects
  • Commercial Lighting Installations
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Automotive Lighting


- Colour: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Warm White
- Power: 10Watt
- Forward Voltage (VF): 9V-10V
- Typical forwarding current: 700mA~900mA(Max 900mA)

Package Included

- 1pc 10W High Power LED


- It's very bright, so don't expose it directly to your eyes.
- This causes quite a lot of heat.
- Sufficient heat treatment such as heat sink and fan must be done to use this.
- It should not be used without sufficient heat treatment.
- If you don't do this, over-currents will occur immediately and chips will be destroyed.


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