ESP8266 ESP-01S Relay Module

ESP8266 ESP-01S Relay Module - ePartners
ESP8266 ESP-01S Relay Module

ESP8266 ESP-01S Relay Module

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ESP8266 ESP-01S + Relay Shield: Unleash the Power of IoT and Automation


Introducing the ESP8266 ESP-01 + Relay Shield, a powerful and versatile module designed for Internet of Things (IoT) and automation applications. This product combines the capabilities of the ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi module with a relay shield, enabling you to remotely control devices and integrate them into your IoT projects.


  • WiFi Connectivity: Built-in ESP8266 ESP-01 module for seamless WiFi connectivity.
  • Relay Shield: Comes with a relay shield for controlling devices like lights, fans, and more.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for easy integration into various IoT and automation setups.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.


  • Smart Home Automation
  • IoT Projects
  • Remote Device Control
  • Industrial Automation


  • WiFi Module: ESP8266 ESP-01
  • Relay Type: Single-channel
  • Material: High-quality PCB and components
  • Product size: 37 * 25mm (ESP-01S)
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Communication: WIFI (ESP8266 module)
  • Serial communication parameters: 9600,8,1,0,0
  • Product size: 45 * 28mm (Relay Module)

Way of working

  • A mobile phone equipped with WiFi module;
  • Mobile phone and WiFI module equipped with the same router, through the mobile phone APP to control the relay; this mode, the transmission distance depends on the signal router.


  • ESP8266 module has a timeout mechanism when the phone for some time (the default 180S) did not give instructions to the module, the module will kick off the phone, the computer can send AT + CIPSTO = time to modify this time (Time range 0-7200), such as: AT + CIPSTO = 3600.
  • When the module on the WIFI module is unplugged, USB to TTL module RX, TX, GND pins were connected to the module RX, TX, GND pin, IN +, IN- 5V power supply, then the module can be used as a USB Relays to use, scalability.


Our product is intended for DIY, hobbyist, and school projects only, and cannot be used for commercial or hazardous purposes such as medical, life-saving, life-sustaining, coal mine or oil depots.


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